Monster High Freaky Fusion Review By Lindsay

By April 12, 2016Toyologists

This review is part of the Toyologist programme, where a team of hand-selected reviewers test toys with their children for both entertaining and useful insight by parents, for parents.

Our third parcel from Toys R Us has arrived…it was a nice surprise treat especially as the three girls have been off school poorly with coughs and colds.

This time they each received a toy (so no arguing about who played with it first!!). Monster High Freaky Fusion dolls seemed to be quite a success to Emily, Lois and Hannah. As a mother I thought they were the ugliest looking things ever and probably wouldn’t have been a toy I would choose to buy a child. But, as already mentioned they were quite a hit.

Emily went for “Cleolie” and Lois chose “Clawvenus” which Hannah was a bit put out by as she decided that her sisters had chose the pretty ones and she had ended up with the ugly “Neighthan”. Saying this, Hannah was keen the next day to take the doll to nursery for Show and Tell. I think she liked the bright rainbow coloured hair which she has enjoyed brushing and styling.


These new class of monster high dolls are hybrids- mixture of two monsters. So, for example Clawvenus is a cross between a Venus flytrap and a wolf. Cleolie is a Mummy cross werecat and Neighthan is a unicorn cross zombie.


The dolls each come in standard packaging – a box with a clear front so you can see what is included. The dolls have moveable limbs making them easier to play with, removeable, colourful clothes and accessories (hat and boots), brush, a stand and a diary giving details about the lifestyle of the character. These diaries were quite a success and helped with the girls’ imagination.


The age group the dolls are designed for is 6 years plus. Hannah being 4 years old is too young but has an obsession with monsters at the moment so it didn’t seem to bother her. Lois could be heard playing with her doll and actually combining the dolls with the Barbies and allowing the Barbies to be “under attack”
The Monster High Freaky Fusion dolls have been a success and the girls don’t seem to have tired of them as yet. As already mentioned, as a parent it isn’t the kind of thing you want your feminine daughters to play with but kids like to surprise us and these “beautiful” toys have been quite a thing in the Dunst household!!

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