Monster High Freaky Fusion – Dracubecca Review By Sarah

By May 13, 2016Toyologists
Monster High Dracubecca 03

This review is part of the Toyologist programme, where a team of hand-selected reviewers test baby products and toys with their little ones for useful insight by parents, for parents.

We have received a Monster High Freaky Fushion Doll Dracubecca to review, Maddison was excited when she opened the box to find a monster high doll as this show is something she has recently been made aware of due to her older sister receiving a few different dolls and DVDs for her birthday, she was pleased to have her very own to play alongside her big sister.

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Maddison was so excited to take it out of the box that I didn’t have time to take picture of the product in the box, the packaging was fairly simple and stress free to open only needed scissors for a few sections, which was a relief after some experiences with new toys. The first thing Maddison noticed on the box (apart from that fact it was monster high) was the DVD advertised which we already have, of course we then had to watch it with Dracubecca.

Maddison loves dolls brushing their hair and dressing them up so the accessories that come with Dracubecca are great we have wings, umbrellas, brush, diary and stand. In my house like many others we love to undress the dolls and change their clothes, although at 4 years old she still needs help dressing her dolls on occasion, and as these dolls have a slim figure the clothes are only suitable for other monster high dolls (I couldn’t squeeze Ariel in). When roleplaying with her sister she uses her imagination to create different scenarios for the doll to take part in making play last for hours, Dracubecca has even had her own bedroom made.

The recommended age on this doll is 6+ I agree, due to the way the doll is made Maddison isn’t able to dress easily and having found out on many occasions the arms/hands come apart, they can be clipped back in but not by a child. On the other hand Dracubecca has provided hours of fun and I’m sure will continue to clothes on or not.

As a parent I wouldn’t rush to recommend his product, I feel the name Dracubecca is a bit of a mouthful, also having to replace arms and hands sometimes every few minutes can become frustrating, this may only be due to Maddison being slightly younger then recommended. A RRP of £19.99, I would say this is acceptable in line with similar products on the market as it comes with several accessories as well.

Monster High Dracubecca 03

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