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By November 4, 2016Toyologists

This review is part of the Toyologist programme, where a team of hand-selected reviewers put toys to the test with their little ones for useful insight by parents, for parents.

When I found out that our next product to review was a Furby Connect I was so excited and filled with nostalgia as the Furby was one of my absolute favourite toys growing up! Before we received the Furby Connect, I sat down and researched it and I was amazed at all the fantastic new and innovative features it had, we could not wait to receive it and start testing it out.

01-02-03When we received the Furby Connect the first thing that impressed me was how bright and informative the packaging was. The big clear picture of Furby on the front is fantastic and means that it will catch your eye easily in store if you are looking for this product specifically. My favourite part of the packaging has to be the little Furby shaped cutout on the top of the box. I love this because it shows you the actual colour of the Furby that is inside the box before you buy it which I think is brilliant because it is often hard to tell the exact colour of a product from a printed picture. It also shows you how amazingly soft the materials used for Furby’s fur are, it is so plush and really lovely for your child to snuggle into. The sides of the box show the different colours of Furby Connect that are available and also list some of its main features.

There is a large section on the back of the box which tells you some of the main features of the app that can be directly connected to your Furby by Bluetooth to unlock even more features of the Furby and to also update it. On the app you can play games with your Furby, play them videos which they learn new phrases, songs and words from, bath them, make them use the toilet and they can even have babies called Furblings! This app can be easily downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices and is called Furby Connect World. The app can also be used on its own so if you were out and about for example without your Furby, you can still play the games on there.

04-05Inside the box was the Furby itself, an instruction manual and a little pull out compartment containing the sleep mask. I really like how the Furby was presented inside the packaging and my boys said they are going to use this as Furby’s bed for when it goes to sleep which I thought was a brilliant idea and really sweet! I was a little disappointed that batteries were not included with this toy and as it requires 4 AA batteries it is something to bare in mind if you purchase this that you will need to additionally buy the batteries as well.

The instruction manual shows you how to install the batteries and gives you a list of helpful tips for when the Furby is in use. It also explains how to use the sleep mask, there isn’t actually an on/off switch on the Furby as the sleep mask turns the Furby off when it is clipped into place. I think this is a really fun feature and rather than turning the Furby off at the end of the day the child can put on its sleep mask and say goodnight which is much more fun than simply flicking a switch off!

My favourite part of the instruction manual is the little Furby shaped diagrams that show you how Furby can interact with you. All the features that are shown here can be used without the app so if you are buying this and won’t have access to a device that can play the app, the child can still get plenty of use from the Furby. I think this is good as this makes the Furby accessible to everyone and not just those who have phones, tablets and iPads. My boys thought that the noise caused by pulling Furby’s tail was hilarious!

The materials used on the Furby are of really high quality, we loved how soft the fur is and the plastic used on the mouth ears and feet is a really soft touch plastic with no sharp edges or anything. The mouth also has a little button on the inside which when pressed can be used to feed the Furby. My boys really enjoyed feeding Furby in this way and they found it really funny when he had had enough to eat and got full! The eyes are two little round screens that show nice high quality images so they really interact with the child and bring Furby to life even more, the eyelids open and close in coordination with what Furby is doing. The antenna on the top of Furby’s head glows in all different colours meaning that Furby needs different things, for example it glows blue if Furby needs updating when it is connected to the app. I really like this idea of being able to update the actual Furby, it can learn new words, songs and phrases so it is always going to be filled with new content for your child which minimises the chances of them getting bored of the toy as there is always something new to discover. My favourite feature of the Furby itself has to be that it doesn’t just move its ears, it moves its whole body. This really makes the Furby feel even more like a real life pet and we especially loved how his body moved up and down when he is snoring and going to sleep!
Furby Connect
Overall we really love this product, the boys have been using it with and without the app with ease. My eldest son Jack is of the recommended age which is 6 years old, I feel that with the app he got the most out of the Furby as he could read the on screen commands and follow them with ease. My younger son Oscar however is 4 years old and he still absolutely loves playing with the Furby and can easily work the app and play with the Furby as intended. My 1 year old daughter Emilia even enjoyed watching the Furby move about and I think she thought it was real! She was in hysterics when Furby was dancing on the coffee table!! So I feel it is personal preference with the age range, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy my younger son Oscar a Furby as he enjoys playing with it so much even though he can’t read the commands on the app. I believe that Furby will become a real favourite in our house and I love how the content and features of the Furby and the app can be updated so there is always something new for the children to explore. The only negative I have with this product as I said previously is that it doesn’t come with batteries included so we couldn’t use it straight out of the box as we had run out of AA batteries. Otherwise we love all the features and how well made this new Furby Connect is!

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