Fisher Price Little People Bat Mobile Review

By September 5, 2012Toyologists

I’m not an impulse buyer.  I enjoy taking my time over purchases, making an informed decision about where my limited pocket money will be deployed.  This is never more true than when it comes to toys, where much of the fun is in thinking about what to get.  I’m a dreamer.

So it came as something of a surprise to my wife Tiffany, when during a browsing session at my local Toys R Us I immediately made a purchase.  But how could I resist?  I had just seen a breathtaking vehicle I could give to my car-obsessed 15 month-old son which a comic-lover like myself would adore too…

Fisher Price Little People Batmobile

The Batmobile is one of the most iconic vehicles in television, movie and comic book history, and the Little People version is absolutely delightful, being both cute and chunky.  It’s perfect for a youngster.

Batman has a hollow section under his feet which is coupled with a stud on the Batmobile’s seat so that he doesn’t fall out during high speed pursuits through Gotham City’s underworld!  My son needs a little help getting Batman pressed onto the stud, but I’m confident he’ll be able to do it in even a couple of months.

The three phrases spoken by the Batmobile are activated by pushing down on Batman, so they don’t play repeatedly, but that said, I would prefer if there were either more phrases or an off button.  I guess there’s always the option to remove the batteries, but that seems a bit extreme.

All told, this is a great toy and I’m really glad I bought it when I did, especially as I have not seen it in stock since (I keep going back to look in case any other Little People DC Comics characters should appear).  When I asked a staff member about it, they told me it sells out very quickly and I can understand why.

But never mind my opinion – far more importantly Elwood loves it.  He’ll happily drive the Batmobile up and down our hallway or just toddle around with Batman in his hand.  He also likes to put the Batmobile down his slide, like a giant version of Hot Wheels, although I’m not sure this is recommended by the manufacturers!!

Yes, this toy is a must-have item for any Bat-fan’s utility belt!

Little People Batmobile is available from Toys R Us

Review by James Spence

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  • AdrianTheToyologist says:

    Purple Group Toyologist: Joshua is very excited! He is not quite sure what Daddy is on about with all this Toyologist business but it sounds BRILL!

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