Dinotrux Reptool Revvit Review by Simon

By September 16, 2016Toyologists
Dinotrux Reptool Revvit Toy 2

This review is part of the Toyologist programme, where a team of hand-selected reviewers put toys to the test with their little ones for useful insight by parents, for parents.

Revvit the Reptool is a character in the Dreamworks/Netflix cartoon show Dinotrux. It’s set in a fictional prehistoric world which is populated by part dinosaur, part construction vehicle creatures. Revvit, a character that likes fixing things, is a reptilian-drill.

Dinotrux Reptool Revvit Toy 5
The show lends itself well to toys (I’m imagining that’s the point), and this one looks every bit like his TV counterpart. It has the familiar mechanised body, with the drill fixture on its head and the different attachments along its spine. The bold colour scheme of green and yellow, with black and grey features, is also retained.

Dinotrux Reptool Revvit Toy 2

The drill spins when his tail is pulled, and it also makes sounds – of drilling and key character phrases from the show. The other main feature is the retractable tape measure tongue, inside it’s articulated jaw, that also produces more sounds when pulled.

Dinotrux Reptool Revvit Toy 3

My daughter enjoys the show (which I was happily surprised is mostly about the different creatures working together instead of fighting), and she was happy with the likeness of the character. She also enjoys the interactive features.

Dinotrux Reptool Revvit Toy 6

What the toy lacks is any major articulation in the joints. While the legs have one joint, because there is no further articulation in the leg or foot you kind of have to leave them in place – especially if you want to roll it along the floor (the feet have rollers). The head cannot move, and the tail – other than a switch for the drill & sounds – also cannot move.

Dinotrux Reptool Revvit Toy 4

While my daughter played with it by itself for a bit, it ended up being used as a ride for her superhero figures most of all. However, if she also had a Ty Rux figure – Revvit’s best friend in the show – there would likely be much greater imaginary play inspired by the show.

This toy is clearly one for fans of the show, and while it’s lacking in some key areas as a toy – I’m sure any little Dinotrux fan would be happy with one of these.

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