Take Time to Pay at Toys ‘R’ Us, By ‘Baby Budgeting’ Mummy Blogger Becky

By October 3, 2017R Journal
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We had the lovely Becky from Baby Budgeting blog visit our store and get Christmas ready with our Take Time to Pay scheme. Here’s what she thought!

Take Time to Pay at Toys ‘R’ Us a brilliant way to do Christmas!

Have you heard of Take Time to Pay at Toys ‘R’ Us?

It’s a great idea for Christmas to make life a little easier for parents.

The scheme encourages you to get your Christmas shopping done and out the way early. There’s no interest added to your purchases or anything like that. It’s just a really simple concept where you can shop as soon as you want and they will store it for you till nearer Christmas. You simply pay £5 for the service and 20% off your full payment. You can choose reservation terms and choose to pay in installments.

You can find the full details here.

There are many benefits to this scheme for someone like me (and you !)

  1. I like to really enjoy the Christmas season: school concerts, seeing family, decorating and baking and the pressure of shopping last minute can really get in the way of that . Getting the shopping done and out the way means I really will be able to make the very most of the season rather than trawling around the shops.
  2. My house is pretty small and having a stash of presents to store for months in advance is just…annoying. The fact I can collect them in December is just brilliant as it means will only have them in the house for a short time.
  3. Shopping this way means you can cherry pick the gifts you want to buy before they run out. Do you remember all the fuss with Hatchimals last year? My daughter had one firmly at the top of her Christmas list and I just could not get one. I was literally stalking websites daily to see which shops had taken delivery. It was so time consuming ( and a bit stressful too.)
  4. Christmas is expensive and being able to spread the cost is really helpful. Being mindful about money has always been the very best way of managing it and this scheme stops last minute rush buying and overspending and allows you to spread the cost and take time to pay.

So what did I buy?

Well I actually shopped for my many nephews and nieces. The store was pretty empty, the shelves were fully stocked an it was a pleasure. The staff at Toys ‘R’ Us are always so helpful and the process of sorting out  Take Time to Pay scheme took just 5 minutes at the checkout.

I will be back to collect early December and I have a huge feeling of relief that my shopping has started.

Take Time to Pay at Toys ‘R’ Us a brilliant way to do Christmas!

So just to recap all you have to do to join in with the Take Time to Pay Scheme is …

1. Find your nearest store

2. Select your items

3. Pay a 20% deposit

4. Collect your shopping 4 – 12 weeks later and pay the final amount.

I like everything about this straightforward and useful scheme.

It was rather lovely leaving the store knowing my shopping was done and I didn’t have to find a place to store it all!

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