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By February 6, 2017R Journal

It looks like 2017 is set to be a big year for toy releases with a great selection of movie-inspired merchandise, playsets and tech toys to get stuck into! We’re here to give you a breakdown of the best new releases from February, with collectibles, kids’ costumes and LEGO sets, it’s been an eclectic month for new toy releases from new names and top brands.

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This month we’re delighted to introduce you to the fantastic world of Glimmies. These fun playsets are a great addition to any child’s bedroom. Not only do they make fun toys during the day, but turn out the lights and these glimmering playsets also glow in the dark! With packs including dolls, Glimmie houses and signature characters, a whole world of after-dark colour has now opened up for kids.

Inspired by the enchanted forest, Glimmies are cute and quirky fairy folk, each with their own unique style, there are twenty-three in total to collect. We think Glimmies are great because not only do they make exciting toys for imaginative play, but they’ll also captivate kids at bedtime. If your little boy or girl is afraid of the dark, the soft glow of Glimmies can help put them at ease. Unlike traditional glow in the dark toys, Glimmies work with a photometric light sensor on top of their head which responds to a lack of light in a room and causes their bellies to light up! This light-up feature can be controlled by you and switched on and off whenever it suits.

Appealing to children aged 3-6, we think Glimmies are going to be one of 2017’s best selling toys. Think your little one will have a great time building their very own magical collection? Browse the full Glimmies range online with us now at Toys R Us.

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LEGO Batman Movie Sets

As far as new toy releases go, LEGO is always exciting. Add in the element of a crime-fighting, world-famous super hero and you’ve got something incredible to play with. Released on February 10, the new Batman LEGO Movie is set to be a success with kids and adults alike. At Toys R Us, we love the fact that the stern and solitary stereotypical Batman is parodied in this fun adventure where his relentlessly enthusiastic ‘son’ Robin is new to the Gotham lifestyle.

At Toys R Us, we’ve got a whole host of exciting LEGO sets on offer which capture the fun side of the movie perfectly. Little LEGO fans might want to start their collection with this great selection of limited edition LEGO Batman Movie minifigures, featuring favourites like The Joker, Red Hood, Commissioner Gordon, Harley Quin and, of course, Batman himself in all his disguises.

We couldn’t talk about the LEGO Batman Movie without mentioning the Batcave. The champion of all secret hideouts is captured in epic proportions with the LEGO Batman Movie Batcave Break-in. With over 1000 pieces, the Batcave LEGO set features plenty of exciting vehicles, minifigures and moveable parts. Recreate the Penguin’s Batcave raid with this deluxe construction set, perfect for long-term collectors and new LEGO fans alike.

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PJ Mask Toys

Welcome to a whole new world of super hero fun. PJ Masks is the new kids’ TV show which is making waves with little dressing up enthusiasts. Originating in France, but now featuring on our screens, PJ Masks follows the lives of three children who are perfectly ordinary during the day, but, come pyjama time, they adopt their super hero personas, transforming into Owlette, Gekko and Catboy. Each boast their own unique style and special abilities.

Through the main characters of Amaya, Connor and Greg, PJ Masks teaches children about teamwork, friendship, kindness and all the heroic qualities which bring people together. We have a great selection of PJ Masks toys on offer from collectible figures to masks and costumes. If your little one likes the TV show, then they’re bound to love dressing up as their favourite character. For example, this Catboy Dress Up set features the character’s iconic feline look, complete with jumpsuit and cat mask that will fit little boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 6.

We’re sure it’s going to be a big year for top toy releases if February’s big brands are anything to go by. Stay tuned for the latest on the best kid’s toys of 2017, we’re always excited to tell you what products are new in at Toys R Us, so watch this space.

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