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By November 21, 2016R Journal
Snowman homemade card

Get crafty this festive season and make your own Christmas cards. Your little ones will have a great time creating beautiful mementoes for friends and family and you’ll love seeing how their imaginations sparkle under the fairy lights.

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How to Make Your Own Christmas Cards

We’ve plenty of fun homemade card ideas to give you the inspiration you need to get crafting over the holidays. Have a go at these simple Christmas card designs and see which ones your little ones will want to make again and again.

Christmas Present Card

Turn your scraps of leftover wrapping paper into the perfect new present with these unique cards. All you need is card, glitter glue pens and paper scraps.

  1. To decorate, simply cut your wrapping paper scraps into any shape you like – as long as they fit on your card base. Rectangles are nice and easy but there are no rules for this card!
  2. Stick your shape into the centre of the card and then using a glitter glue pen, draw on a crossover ribbon design. Add a bow at the top and, voila, your wrapping paper scrap will look like a lovely Christmas gift.
  3. Add any embellishments you like, including extra glitter, mini gift tags or a few stars. Alternatively, keep the look classic and leave your gift image to speak for itself.
Snowman homemade card

Photo credit: Lauren Manning from Flickr

The Fingerprint-Bauble Tree

This is a fab card for younger children – not only is it a lot of fun to make, it’s also got a great personal touch. All you need is card for the background, green card or paper, brown paper (or a pen), glue and lots of bright finger paints.

  1. First you need to cut a triangle from your green card or paper and glue this down to your base. It doesn’t matter what size this is, but bigger is generally better.
  2. Your green triangle is your Christmas tree so all you need to do now is cut out two small brown rectangles and stick them on at the bottom for the trunk and pot. You can also draw these on if you’ve got a steady hand.
  3. Now, give your little one free reign to finger paint on as many baubles as they see fit. It’s best to limit the colours to two or three to keep your clean up easy and to avoid too much colour smudging!

Simple Snowflake Cards

Great if you’re low in crafting materials, these beautiful cards are perfect for children who’re old enough to use safety scissors. Grab some white paper, card for the base, some glue and you’re good to go. Glitter is an optional extra!

  1. To make a snowflake, you first need a thin piece of square white paper. If you don’t have a square, fold one corner down until you have a perfect triangle then cut off the excess. Now fold your square diagonally so you have a triangle again.
  2. Fold your triangle in half then place it so the widest angle is at the top. Now take the left-hand corner and fold it towards the middle. Repeat the same with the right, layering it on top. Your triangle should now look like an arrow.
  3. Cut along the horizontal edge to snip off the two pointed flaps, so you that have a triangle again. Now your little one will be ready to snip small shapes and out of the folded paper. Make sure they don’t cut too many. Once unfolded, you’ll have a beautiful, unique snowflake to stick onto your card!
Boy doing crafts with crayons

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Homemade Christmas Cards for Older Kids

If your children are already pretty nifty with their coloured pencils and safety scissors, perhaps you’d like to try a few of these more ambitious homemade cards? We’ve collected a few of our favourites from keen crafters across the web.

Styrofoam Printed Cards – Let your little angles have a go at printmaking with the help of some leftover food containers.

3D Christmas Tree Cards – Forget normal, folding cards and show your kids how to make freestanding, festive trees.

Smiling Santa Cards – Santa’s wearing a big smile already in this printable template, but it’s up to your crafter to work out what else he’ll be sporting this Christmas.

Snowflake cards

Photo credit: Matthew Venn from Flickr

Get into the festive spirit while developing your little one’s imaginative and creative skills – you’ll love making these Christmas cards together and even better, you get to share them with your friends and family! Inspire creativity this Christmas and shop our full range of kids’ craft kits available online at Toys R Us.

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