Halloween Crafts

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Halloween is nearly upon us and we’re feeling suitably spooky here at Toys R Us. To help celebrate this macabre festival, we’ve put together some frighteningly fun Halloween crafts for you and the kids to try out at home. So dig out the craft box, head to the pantry and get ready to learn some new, exciting and spooky ideas.


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Make your own Halloween decorations

Give your house and garden that spooky feeling with some customised creepy decorations. Homemade Halloween decorations are easy, all you’ll need is coloured card, scissors and an eerie imagination. Use black card to create classic vampire bats. Stencil a simple bat shape using chalk or white pencil and then cut these out and stick them to windows to give your house that haunted look. Alternatively, you can use white card to create ghastly ghouls or orange card for a jolly jack-o’-lantern decoration.

Create Halloween paperchains by cutting out strips of black and orange card. Create a loop by gluing each end and interlacing these to make a spooky multi-coloured chain. Using drawing pins to secure, hang these across interior walls or between trees in the garden so the neighbourhood knows you’re ready to play trick or treat!

If you prefer a traditional Halloween decoration, then it’s always a good idea to get pumpkin carving. Hollow out the pumpkin’s insides, cut out a sinister face and pop in a tealight. A collection of different shaped pumpkins means you can create a whole family of spooky squashes, ready to greet visitors at the door.

At Toys R Us we stock loads of exciting craft kits for kids, so customising your decorations is easy and fun.


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Halloween baking ideas

Sick of all the shop bought candy? Why not try creating a sweet treat of your own from the comfort of your home. Halloween baking is a great way to get in the spooky spirit with the kids. The best thing about DIY Halloween treats is that they don’t have to be complicated, simple cookies or fairy cakes are bound to be a hit.

Create spider cookies by taking your favourite recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and using chocolate frosting to draw legs on to the chocolate chunks creating awesome arachnids. Pair with a ghostly glass of milk for a truly tasty Halloween treat.

Create a cold fruit snack with quick and tasty frozen banana ghosts. Simply skewer pieces of firm banana on to popsicle sticks, dip in melted white chocolate, apply dark chocolate chips for eyes and pop in the freezer. Take out the tray of chilled souls when your guests arrive and watch as these simple and spooky sweets disappear.

Try dip-dyed Halloween marshmallows for an easy sweet treat that will light up any party bag. Simply coat plain white marshmallows in lurid food colouring to create these shockingly bright and delicious homemade candies.


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Halloween party ideas

Kids and grown-ups both love a good Halloween party, it’s a great excuse to get dressed up and to have your friends round on a chilly October evening. Make your autumnal get-together all the more eerie with the addition of some of our spooky Halloween party ideas.

Create a creepy atmosphere by swapping out your normal lightbulbs for coloured ones. These are inexpensive and can be ordered online or acquired at hardware shops. Both red and green lightbulbs help create a particularly eerie atmosphere. Drape white sheets over the furniture to add an air of old haunted house to the party and you’ll be all set for your guests to arrive in their fancy dress.

Partake in fun parlour games, like spooky charades or opt for a traditional Halloween party classic and get bobbing for apples. All you’ll need is a bag of Granny Smiths, an old bucket or washing up bowl filled with water. Add a prize for the best apple bobber to make the game even more competitive and hilarious. Stir up a cauldron of frightening fruit punch for the kids by adding frozen jelly snakes to orange or apple juice.

Don’t forget to organise a costume parade with a prize for the best dressed party goer! At Toys R Us we stock lots of great kids’ Halloween costume ideas.


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