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Coloured daleks in the grass

The best kind of collectible toys are the ones that not only delight children right now, but that will also stand the test of time. To find the kind of collectibles that are sure to be great additions to any toy box, there are a few hints and tips you can bear in mind. Read on to discover what can make an action figure or toy more desirable than any other.

Coloured daleks in the grass

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Collectible toys and Nostalgia

It can be hard to imagine which of today’s toys might be the ones that everyone wants to get their hands on in the future, but one of the best guides is to look at what children are loving right now, whether its Dr Who toys or the latest Disney craze. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s collectors – and we all know how discerning little ones can be when it comes to weeding out what’s “cool” and what isn’t!

Remember that a name isn’t everything when it comes to collectibles. While it might seem natural that the biggest brands will boast the most collectible items, it’s not always the case. First and foremost, the toys and figures have to be great in and of themselves. Have a look at the kind of Toys R Us collectibles that are already attracting kids.

Film franchise collectibles

Toys that are tied to popular films have great potential to turn into much sought after collectibles. Just think about Star Wars and the huge amount of money original toys from the first films can go for now. The big brand still sells a brilliant selection of Star Wars toys and accessories and many are still a big draw for collectors.

Think about which films are out at the moment that might become classics. From little known characters or stars from massive franchises like Marvel to funky action figures from lesser known TV shows like Miraculous, these are the kind of tie-in toys that might be just what today’s generation of kids grow up and want for their collections.


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Limited edition collectibles

Not every toy that’s released with a Limited Edition tag will end up being particularly collectable. Some will actually turn out to be pretty common, despite predictions that they will be the next big thing. However, if you’re able to get your hands on toys or figures that really do have a limited manufacturing run, you could have some coveted collectibles.

Look out for special promotions, short runs of a beloved toy in an alternative colour and characters from films and TV shows that don’t normally get a figure of their own (side characters, unusual baddies etc.) and see if you can snag a toy that will later become the one everyone wants. Keep an especially close eye on brands that are already sought after, like Lego collectibles, so you’re the first to know when they offer an unusual release.

Exclusive collectibles

It’s also a good idea to check in on big shops and brands regularly, as toy manufacturers will sometimes offer them lines of one-off collectibles. This means that any particular toy or action figure will only be available from that partner, which can make a real difference to just how rare they will end up being.

At Toys R Us, you can look in our handy Collectors’ Corner for exclusive and limited edition pieces from your favourite brands. You can also read up on our insights as to the kind of toys that we predict people will be interested in adding to their collections in the future.


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Keeping collectibles boxed

If you’re collecting toys or figures with an eye to sell them later, the biggest thing you have to bear in mind is that keeping your toys in the original packaging can have a big effect on the price. Typically, buyers looking for rare or collectible items will be on the hunt for figures that are still in factory condition.

Toys that have been unboxed and played with can still fetch decent money sometimes – especially if they are rare – but as a general rule, keeping toys as pristine as possible is the best way to make them saleable later. That said, if you or your little ones want to play with your collectibles now, don’t let the future put you off of having fun today!

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