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There’s no denying it’s been a busy year, and here at Toys R Us we’ve seen some fantastic products launch from tech toys to family games. We wanted to celebrate the end of an eventful year with a roundup of our top toys of 2016. If you would like to know more about our best kids’ toys, then you can check out our full list of Christmas Superstars online.

Range of soft toys

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Minions Pie Face

This father-son video of a pie face game back in 2015 might have aided in the game’s original popularity. A fun twist on the hilarious original, this version features your favourite Despicable Me minions who add an extra element of fun to this messy game of chance. Watch out or you might get pie on your face! The whole family will have a great time with this one, just make sure you stock up on plenty of wet wipes and prepare to get messy with the Minions Pie Face.

Kinetic Sand Activity Table

This clever playset is a great choice for little ones who are learning to get creative with their hands. The Kinetic Sand Activity Table is mess-free with special kinetic sand available in three exciting colours. Kids will have a creative time modelling with the six different moulds and you’re bound to be amazed by the versatility of this exciting activity table.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

In the past year we’ve seen a massive boom in the popularity of Star Wars toys. This really is no surprise with the new films pushing everyone’s favourite space story back into the spotlight. Combine the popularity of Star Wars with a timeless toy like LEGO and you’re bound to get an instant top toy. The LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon is a great LEGO set for children aged 9-14 but we think big kids will also have a blast assembling this iconic vessel. Complete with Star Wars minifigures and 1329 pieces, this is a Star Wars toy which won’t disappoint!

Star Wars LEGO

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Minecraft Stop Motion Studio

We all know someone who is totally obsessed with Minecraft and really, it’s no wonder. This malleable geometric universe has inspired millions of gamers to create epic new worlds. The Minecraft Stop Motion Studio takes this to a new level, allowing young creatives to recreate scenes with 15 props and 4 Minecraft minifigures. Download the free Minecraft app to bring your homemade scenes to life.

VTech Selfie Cam

As we might expect, tech toys grew ever more popular this year so it’s no wonder we’re seeing a few of these awesome tech toys cropping up in our list of top toys of 2016. If selfie sticks were a big thing last year, then it’s no surprise that the VTech Kidizoom Selfie Cam became a popular toy in 2016. This kids’ camera is a great choice for little ones who want to create and share lots of happy memories with friends. The selfie cam also features a micro SD card slot, plus a make-up studio, games and a music slideshow.

Goody Grabber

This next toy is a fun take on everyone’s favourite arcade activity. The Goody Grabber is a mini version of the popular fairground claw machine. Simply fill with your child’s choice of sweets and they’ll have a great time trying to pick them up with the exciting grabber! This is a toy that will be enjoyed by children of all ages as it’s packed with cute novelty factor that’s set to deliver hours of fun.

Photo credit: James Emery from Flickr

Photo credit: James Emery from Flickr

Wooden Art Easel

Encourage budding creatives with this totally cool art toy. This double-sided Deluxe Wooden Art Easel is not your regular kids’ craft set. With a blackboard on one side and marker board surface on the other, this kids’ easel is a great way to nurture creativity. There are even clips to attach paper so there are lots of options available to ignite your little one’s imagination.

Cyber Robot

Artificial intelligence is now more popular than ever and the Clementoni Science Museum Cyber Robot is a great way to introduce your kids to learning about technology. Robotic toys are becoming ever more popular and are making it onto more Christmas wish lists. This cyber robot is controlled by Bluetooth and is fully programmable. Older children will have a great time controlling this smart robotic toy whilst trying out basic programming.

Table football

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14 in 1 Games Table

This exciting games table is a great addition to any child’s playroom. The best thing about it is its versatility as it boasts a whopping 14 games, including table football, billiards, hand hockey, chess, backgammon and much, much more. This is a great investment as it suits kids of all ages and will be enjoyed by the whole family for many years to come.

CHiP Robot Dog

This robotic toy is a product which simply couldn’t be left off our list of top toys of 2016. Every child wants their very own pet and CHiP Robot Dog is sure to please animal-obsessed little ones. This cyber canine is quick to pick up tricks and responds to voice commands. His personality can even be shaped by the way in which your child interacts with him, and you’ll be amazed by this pup’s level of artificial intelligence. CHiP even returns to his SmartBed when he needs to re-charge and children will have a great time playing with his interactive SmartBall.

We think you’ll agree, it’s been a big year for toys. In 2017 we predict to see the launch of even more tech toys, as well as growth in the popularity of augmented reality, whilst family games and creative toys will stay a firm favourite. Why not check out our full list of Christmas Superstars and tell us what you think are the best kids’ toys of 2016?

Photo credit: Hades2k from Flickr

Photo credit: Hades2k from Flickr

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