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Baby in cot with colourful blanket

Versatile, cosy and very comfy, carry cots can be a real boon for bouncing babies and busy parents. The best thing about a carry cot is just how flexible it is. You can use one in combination with a pushchair, carry it solo or simply use it as a baby bed. Best of all, they are suitable for use as soon as your little one is born.

But how do you know which kind will work best for you and your baby? Check out a few of our top tips for choosing the best carrycots and you should be able to find the perfect choice for your family in no time.

Baby in cot with colourful blanket

Photo credit: Leon Brocard from Flickr

Carrycots on the move

A carrycot can make up part of a fully functional travel system for you and your baby and will sometimes be part of a travel package, alongside a car seat and pushchair frame. If one isn’t included, you may want to buy one separately.

They’re a good thing to have for your baby’s first six months because you shouldn’t really have a baby sitting in a car seat for more than two hours – whether they’re in a car or not. This means a carrycot is a great alternative, allowing babies to lie flat and rest comfortably.

Carrycots and pushchairs

Buying a carrycot that can be affixed to a pushchair base will make it easy for you to switch from travelling to sitting quietly at home without disturbing your little one. A carrycot can be used as a bed as well as a means of transport and when you’re choosing a carrycot, be sure to check whether it is compatible with a suitable base.

Toddler in red pushchair

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What to look for in baby carrycots

Carrycots can be a cost effective choice as they can be used instead of a Moses basket or crib. However, if you’re planning to use your carrycot as a bed, you will want to check the quality of the mattress. To keep your baby supported as he or she sleeps, you need one that is firm and not too soft. It also needs to fit the carrycot snugly.

Make sure any carrycot you’re considering can be laid flat and securely on the ground or be attached to a pushchair frame firmly.
Check whether your carrycot comes with a sun shade, this will be useful on bright days and will help your little one get to sleep more easily, as well as protecting them from the harshness of the sun. A rain hood is also a helpful addition for those wet and windy days.

Once your baby is old enough to sit up, it will be time to move them to a car seat, pushchair or buggy so choose a carrycot that you’re happy to use for the first six to twelve months.

Baby in carseat

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Finding the best carrycots

There are many excellent carrycots currently out there, including the super snug Quinny Carrycot and the brilliant Britax Carrycot range, which boasts a simple Click and Go system. Joie Carrycots are also very popular and all three brands also sell pushchairs, giving you the option to put together the travel system that will work most effectively for your family.

Browse the selection of baby carrycots currently available at Toys R Us to find high-comfort, great quality cots for your baby.

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