Summer Infant Wide View Baby Monitor Review By Ewelina

By April 12, 2016Babyologists
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This Babyologist review is brought to you by Ewelina and little Antonina. Babyologists are a team of hand-selected reviewers test baby products and toys with their little ones for useful insight by parents, for parents.

Spring is coming soon – it’s the right time to do a little bit of spring cleaning. But, how to do that when you have a sleeping baby in the cot bed?

I have the best solution:

A Summer Infant Widewiew Digital Colour Video Monitor!

Wide View Box

First impressions: The whole set – camera & monitor look modern – will be suitable to each type of bedroom. Each part is carefully made, without any sharp edges. The screen is large (13 cm). Really good quality.
The box contains:
– monitor
– camera
– AC adapter
– 6 security clips (to secure the cord from baby’s reach)
– wall anchor/screw
– 2 x UK/EU adapters

I didn’t think that Summer Infant would have thought about adding screws, clips and adapter. It exceeded my expectations and was a huge advantage.

BEFORE FIRST USE: You can place the camera on a flat surface or mount it on the wall (which is easy). Then you need to plug the monitor  AC adapter into the AC adapter jack and the other end into a standard electrical outlet.
The first key feature is the wide view (4x larger than standard view) . I can see more of my baby’s environment thanks to the wide angle camera. All you need to do is press the “ZOOM” button on monitor. This feature is very useful when your baby starts to move around in their bedroom.

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The second key feature is the nursery room temperature monitor (switchable between Fahrenheit and Celsius), helping me easily check my baby’s room temperature on the monitor’s screen. The whole set stands out in particular thanks to the two-way communication. I can hear my baby and my baby can hear me. When she wakes up, I always talk to her via monitor, helping her calm down even before I enter her bedroom.  I’m sure that this will be used in our household for years to come, because it makes everything easier. Especially if you have more than one baby, you can just add cameras – up to 4 total. Cleaning is easy – just use a slightly wet wipe.


IMPORTANT THINGS: the cord is really long so be sure that you use security clips to securethe cord from Baby’s reach. Remember to remove batteries when the product is stored for long periods of time. Always test the monitor before first use, periodically and when changing the location of the camera.

We love our Summer Infant Video Monitor! This product brings only positive changes. Now my daughter knows that I’m near her even if she can’t see me. I can do everything without worrying that maybe I can’t hear my baby crying. I am calmer during the night because monitor has automatic night vision. Thanks to wide range (200 m), I can go outside. Highly recommended for all parents. Absolutely MUST-HAVE.

See the Summer Infant Wide View Video Monitor here.

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